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Stylecrete concrete driveways in Barrow and South Cumbria

There are many good reasons why you should consider Stylecrete impressed (or stamped) concrete to transform your existing driveway or patio areas, into an area to enhance your home.

The traditional solutions using tarmac, paving or gravel all have their drawbacks. No matter how well they are laid they are prey to weeds, moss and mould. They will deteriorate after a few years and can prove very costly. With stamped concrete you get a perfect finish, almost indistinguishable from "the real thing" and a long-lasting surface, which unlike traditional materials, will remain weed and maintenance free as well as oil and stain resistant.

Specially formulated concrete will prevent driveways from sinking or spreading, is crack resistant and once sealed is considerably harder than a traditional surface. Other surfaces fade and discolour rapidly - the colours in stamped concrete are permanent and will last a lifetime. Every one of our driveways is individually designed to enhance the appearance and character of your home.

At Stylecrete we have a large range of patterns and colours to choose from. From antique cobblestones, to gleaming slate from rich red brick tiles, random stone and even timber, we can provide the look you're after. And you know it will last!

The products we use are the best in the business to give you the best possible result. For example we use Dustone colour hardener, using only the highest quality pigments, quartz and silicas to dramatically increase the tensile strength of the concrete. Dustone treated concrete is in fact two and a half times stronger than untreated concrete.

With the latest in concrete technology and professional design with such a large range of colours and patterns, we will provide the perfect driveway, path or patio at a fraction of the cost of natural stone or slate.

Deco Con software

Stylecrete utilises "deco-con" imaging software which has been designed to assist you to decide on the design, colours and patterns which will best suit your needs. This software will superimpose options over a digital picture of the location and its surroundings to give you an overview of what is possible. View the video below for more information.

What is the process?


Preparation: Area is excavated to(B.S. 5733) according to ground conditions.

Infill: Approved sub base is laid, compacted and trimmed to falls ready to receive concrete.


Drainage: Recessed manholes, Aco drain, Deco drain, Absorption trenches , and Splash strips are installed conforming to local authority requirements (New legislation for impermeable surfaces November 2008 . HMSO 2362 permitted development class f quote f1).

Concrete: Arrives on site. It is placed, vibrated and screeded to falls. (All concrete is quality assured and conforms to industry standard BS8500 and specified requirements). The concrete is air entrained and fibre reinforced for strength.

Colour process

Colour process: The colour hardener of your choice is applied, this colours and hardens the surface of the concrete to avoid chipping. (ELITECRETE colour hardener is tested and certified in Britain to bs1881:pt.202:1986).

Release agent: A release agent is broadcast across the surface. This introduces the "Antiquing” and also prevents the printing mats from sticking to the wet concrete.

Borders: Borders are then printed (where applicable) to enhance your paving. We offer a variety of patterns including cobble, brick soldier course and square tile.


Imprinting: The pattern of your choice is then applied to the surface of the concrete to create a monolithic effect. The overall look of your paving can be enhanced at this point by the introduction of circles etc. This helps to create individuality.

Final stages

Final stages: The release agent is removed using either an electric floor scrubber or a high pressure hose(subject to site conditions) revealing the colours of your choice. Expansion joints are cut into the concrete to minimise the possibility of shrinkage occurring on the surface.


Sealing: Once the area is completely dry and clean, an acrylic sealer with anti slip pearls is applied to the surface. This procedure will assist in preventing staining and enhance the colour giving your paving an easy to clean and maintain surface.